“Everything comes to he who goes after
what the other man is waiting for”

Former Royal Engineer, Sapper Matthew Weston, launches The Joining Forces Campaign with us, uniting filmmakers with early retired servicemen

Desire is not enough. What every man or woman who ever achieved anything of worth needed most was tenacity, or ‘the courage to start things’.

All that we achieve and attain in life is a direct result of the action we take. The talented, no matter how great their gifts, will achieve nothing simply by being talented. We have our dreams. But we must also put legs under them.

AUT VIAM INVENIAM AUT FACIAM the Latin inscription under the BFA and World Film Showcase Awards translates as WE WILL EITHER FIND A WAY OR MAKE ONE. There’s no doubt that most struggling British filmmakers and actors are crying out for a change at our level of the sector. But the changes that will benefit us the most are not going to come from any other source, government body, individual or organisation. They will come from us. We must be the change we want to see in our world.

The interlinking initiatives and projects created by the BFA are designed to work as a movement to allow filmmakers and actors with an extraordinary talent the chance to create their own opportunities, find a pathway through the many obstacles which they currently face and bring their work and careers into fruition.

Join the BFA to be kept updated or become involved, or if you’re a Film Sphere member, please join any of the Campaign Groups to take a more active role. There’s something every one of us can do, right now, both individually, but more powerfully, if we work together as one.

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The BFA Awards

A revolutionary set of awards designed to showcase and celebrate acting, writing and filmmaking talent when recognition is needed the most; the point where success is being strived for rather than already attained.  Also includes categories for developing projects.  

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The World Film Showcase

A Film Festival, Market and Distribution platform allowing films the possibility of securing deals and finding an audience in a realistic and non-exploitative way.

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The World Writers Showcase

Encouraging and supporting the work of writers and pioneering ‘AudioMovies’ a new way for films to begin their life cycle.  

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The World Writers Showcase Related Projects

AudioMovie of ‘Age of Descent’

A poignant and harrowing multi-strand drama following the journeys of five teenagers and their young teacher at an average suburban school as such issues as knife crime, cyber-bullying, internet danger, the struggle of emerging sexuality for young gay people and teenage suicide touch their lives. 

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AudioMovie of ‘Thin, Brittle, Mile’

An uncompromising thriller concerning the story of a young soldier, physically unscathed but emotionally broken after enduring the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan, who faces his greatest battles on his return home.

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The Joining Forces Campaign

A social enterprise enabling the union of filmmakers and early retired veterans for the benefit of all. 

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The Joining Forces Campaign Related Projects

‘Love of Words’

Short film starring Charles Dance, a slate of remarkable undiscovered acting talents and three early retired servicemen.  The first film from the Joining Forces Campaign was made by a crew comprised of filmmakers and former servicemen and women venturing into filmmaking for the first time. Watch the full film here.

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‘Thin, Brittle, Mile’

Cowritten by former Royal Engineer Matthew Weston.  ‘Thin, Brittle, Mile’ the Joining Forces Campaign’s first planned feature, tells the story of a young soldier whose greatest battles are fought on his return home.  

Matthew, along with several other former servicemen poured their harrowing experiences and personal struggles into a screenplay that has the potential to become an unforgettable film.

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Next Steps

The documentary ‘Fires we’re Starting…’ will follow our endeavours to bring our various initiatives to the industry’s attention and demonstrate a sustainable model which could be pivotal in allowing extraordinary talent to come to light.

We aim to prove that filmmakers themselves can find the solutions to the main problems we currently face; lack of opportunity, exploitation, marketing, funding and distribution.

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 ‘Little by little one walks far.’

Peruvian Proverb
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