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Talent is the Llife-force of any industry. To block an industry's talent, is to cut off its blood supply

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The Joining Forces Campaign

The Joining Forces Campaign unites our armed forces veterans with filmmakers for the benefit of all. Help tell the stories which speak of our times simply by having the time of your life.


What is the British Filmmakers Alliance?

The British Filmmakers Alliance is a lion-hearted troupe of likeminded filmmakers and actors from the UK and beyond...

We are dedicated to pioneering new ways for films and careers to be realised. The BFA is the only philanthropic organisation of its kind, pledging any potential profits back to support the work and careers of its members. We stand as an altruistic organisation with a mission to counterbalance the obstacles filmmakers and actors face and create new platforms for funding, marketing and distribution.
The culmination of our mission is to generate innovative and permanent ways for talent to be supported and the projects and careers of those filmmakers and actors the world doesn’t currently know it’s missing out on to gain the recognition, nurturing and progression they deserve. Join us today and be part of the gentle revolution.
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About Us

More about the BFA, who started it
and why and where we aim to go
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The World Film Showcase

Our film festival and commercial distribution platform allowing filmmakers the chance to find audiences and financial returns for their work
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Original Content

Our slate of films designed to showcase undiscovered talent and encourage the art of and love for film
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Joining Forces Campaign

Uniting filmmakers with former serviceman to tell the stories which speak of our times
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BFA Awards

Celebrating and showcasing the best films,
filmmakers, actors and developing projects the
independent sector has to offer
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The World Film Movement

The culmination of all the BFA’s work, following in the footsteps of countless filmmakers who’ve shaken up the system before us


A World Film Showcase Original



Film Sphere is the FREE interactive membership platform for BFA members


Introducing Film Sphere

With thanks to Bob Garbett of Software Major...

Bob Garbett of Software Major has not only been intrinsic in bringing The World Film Showcase to life, he has also extended his support and belief to current BFA members and the worldwide filmmaking community by financing and creating membership at Film Sphere as a free service to filmmakers and actors around the world. A social network, online CV, talent showcase and interactive way for members to come together from the UK and beyond.
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    Petra Vasvari

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    Rory Harbone

    Drowning Room Only

    One place, three nights, eight lives, no walls


    A World Film Showcase, Original


    17 March 2019
    Original Conent
    BFA News
     Dear Members,  Few needs of the human heart are greater than the need to be understood, to have a voice that is heard, respected and valued.#BeAPartOfSomething I hope you've all had a cracking start to 2019! Like everyone across our coun...
    05 June 2017
    BFA News
    Dear Members, INTRODUCING THE WORLD FILM SHOWCASE . . . AND YOUR PART IN ITThis newsletter is for those members who've taken a special interest in The British Filmmakers Alliance and have recognized that together we've been on what some may call a mi...
    05 June 2017
    BFA News
    Dear Members, My friend and business partner (source of inspiration and fellow producer of our developing project Thin, Brittle, Mile) Matthew Weston, has met a lot of people through his charity work and campaigning for veterans rights since leaving ...
    23 May 2017
    BFA News
    To find any of the answers you may be looking for in life just Google them. Whether you're looking for a listing of the complete works of Shakespeare or the current time in Bangkok, the internet is every man's friend – always a reliable source. But ...
    23 May 2017
    BFA News
    Dear all, Actors often go to extreme lengths to prepare for roles, going into emotional or physical isolation, shutting down parts of their own personalities to inherit their characters so completely. Shedding or gaining pound after pound. The sho...
    23 May 2017
    BFA News
    A huge thank you to all the BFA members, as well as family, friends and colleagues from the industry who stepped out to support us at The Spoiler's launch at BAFTA recently. It was a magical night and one I'll never forget. I've spoken a lot about T...

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